We are a company dedicated to the production, commercialization and distribution of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. It has the support of agricultural producers in the region. To provide standards of commitment and work to its clients, excellence and support, all with the help of outstanding human talent; To meet the needs and challenges of the national market in a timely manner.


Cultivate development in the market leadership of fresh fruits and vegetables, with the permanent growth of its potentialities; Based on the welfare of its people, allies and clients, oriented to increase the procedure and industrialization of the products in the national and international scope.
• Providing technical training and professional development to those involved in the process.

• Developing a chain of value added products to all our customers with timely delivery and good practices that ensure safety.
• Alliance in the process of evaluation and continuous improvement, through its link with all aspects of the company.

Our ValuesCommitment, Honesty, Proactivity, Integration, Quality, Responsibility.

Years of experience

Current customers


Qualified personnel


Agrimer is made up of human entrepreneurial talent with initiative, assertive and able to transform ideas into actions in the development of improvements, becoming innovative leaders of the future.


Working with passion for transparency and straightforward, demonstrating commitment and loyalty for the job well done, betting win-win relationships with our commercial allies.


Our company is characterized by having invaluable resource highly trained and determined to reach its goals, surpassing the expectations of the changing environment and fully fulfilling the established objectives.


Our success is framed in the basic principles of credibility and trajectory as business policy. We offer culture as fidelity to ourselves, projecting security to stay and transcend in time.


We guarantee products in perfect conditions of safety is why we apply an optimal quality control in all stages of our process To meet all standards required by our customers.


We sow, produce and grow from the hand of our suppliers and customers, always with the premise of caring for the environment, promoting alliances that generate sustainable practices.

Our team

Cultivating our values we innovate in the agricultural business.

Yoli Araujo

Marketing Manager

Exmider Andrade

Production coordinator

Marta Montilla

Marketing analyst