¿Why Agrimer?

We have a great variety of products of excellent quality, timely distributed in refrigerated units that guarantee its freshness, covering the expectations of our clients.


Quality control

We apply good practices of planting and post-harvest handling with processes of selection, cleaning, adequacy and distribution that guarantee the innocuity of our products.

Refrigerated distribution

We strive to maintain transport units in excellent condition, which have state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment, keeping the cold chain in the transfer and freshness of our products.

Answer's capacity

We have a logistics structure and the human talent necessary to respond timely to the needs of our customers and anticipate market expectations with innovative actions.

Alliances with the field

We provide technical support with training programs and crop planning agreements that allow the growth and development of agricultural producers ensuring products of the highest quality.

Cultivating future with quality

>>Technological innovation in the implementation of quality tools and continuous improvement of our processes.
>>Environmental commitment with sustainable practices and ecological management.
>>Customized attention to the clients with technological platforms of vanguard.
>>Opportunities for growth and personal and business development.
>>Investment projects and consolidation of national and international markets.
>>Constant extension of the product lines as required by the interested party.
>>Improvements to the quality of life of our people offering stability, professional improvement, sense of belonging and proper valuation.

Quality control

Availability of products.

Experience in the agricultural area.

Punctuality in delivery times





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