Creation and Emergence

We came from the visionary suggestion of fusion proposed by a shared customer, to a couple of family companies dedicated to the production, commercialization and refrigerated transport of fruits and vegetables. In this way two antagonistic firms, with more than 20 years of experience and operation each, decided to overcome their differences.

Challenges assumed

The volume of the challenges assumed forced to diversify the organizational structure of the company so to date its staff is divided into operational, tactical, strategic and managerial. The direct jobs are around 180, therefore the indirect ones are more than 1000.

Union of efforts

These companies joined forces and created a single organization. As a result, in March 2003, the company AGRIMER, C.A. was founded in the town of Timotes del Estado Mérida in Venezuela. Company of national reference.

Beginning of operations

The association started operations with approximately 20 people and by the end of 2004 had quintupled its workforce. (Being nowadays the greater number of people with their contribution make life in it).

Marketing Extension

This successful experience also makes it possible to expand the area of influence and commercialization of the goods and services produced. The above starting from a portfolio of 7 clients and 14 markets

A hundred products

We currently have more than a hundred fruits and vegetables in bulk and packaged, distributed in transport units that guarantees the refrigeration and the excellence of its products, thus covering the needs and interests of customers.

Expansion of consumers

Thanks to these actions our consumers were expanded to a hundred clients distributed in 38 places settled around 15 States of the country.

Practices and Procedures

Since its establishment, the company has adopted practices, procedures, methods of excellence and state-of-the-art technology to offer its customers quality horticultural and fruit products. All this manipulated and packed according to the highest safety standards guaranteeing maximum freshness.

Corporate identity

It has a distinctive logo that evokes the beautiful Andean landscapes and their natural resources. In this way, it induces in the consumer a positive association between the object to be consumed and its place of origin; Thus enhancing the population that in addition to tourism are revealed as an agricultural power against the nation.


To date, it continues to implement formulas and innovative strategies to improve and serve the majority of the Venezuelan population by providing top quality horticultural products.

Logo update

The emblem has experienced slight variations over time, preserving natural monuments (snowy mountains) as a background, but replacing its original frailejones with a carrot (which brings it closer to its agricultural vocation).


Always striving to be at the forefront, we developed the brand "AGRICLASS" that inspired by all its managers, comes to market during 2011 having great receptivity among its recipients.

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