The importance of eating fresh vegetables for our food.

The importance of eating fresh vegetables for our food is that they guarantee us health, thanks to the benefits they provide us; Are a rich source of water, vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and fiber; Nutrition experts recommend taking at least 400 grams of vegetables and vegetables a day. They can be eaten cooked or raw.

Because of its high water content. They facilitate the elimination of toxins from our body and help us to stay well hydrated, by their contribution of fiber help regulate the function of our intestine and avoid or correct constipation, are almost exclusive source of vitamin C and provitamin A and rich in Folates, contain antioxidants that are known to be a protective factor against certain diseases related to degeneration of the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the results of a number of research studies highlighting the anticancer effects of vegetables and vegetables, in particular against cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and lung cancer. According to data from these studies, one in ten patients affected by some type of cancer has maintained an insufficient diet based on vegetables and vegetables.

Already knowing all these benefits that vegetables give us will have to place them if or if in our daily meals with an infinity of combinations to taste and a thousand options to prepare in Agrimer you will find your daily source of vegetables for your palate.

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Written by: Mayira Sumoza

Occupational Therapist

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